How to work with a wedding makeup artist

Chicago Wedding Makeup
One of my biggest challenges as a bridal makeup artist here in Chicago is trying to pin down exactly the look of bride is going for. The problem is that words like flawless, natural, and smoky are completely subjective. What looks natural to one person,...
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Incredible Film Makeup Transformations

I’m not an actor, but I have to think that playing a real person is much more difficult that playing a fictional one. In most cases , an actor can tap into the motivations and reactions of a character to create the way he speaks and moves....
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Who Owns What in the Beauty Industry

Confused about makeup brands
  After the L’Oréal buyout of Urban Decay a couple of months ago, I was surprised by some of the comments going around on the blogs and forums. Two concerns kept coming up.   People were concerned about whether Urban Decay would remain cruelty free. The second...
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