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Makeup Artist Christmas Wish List

The online MUA community has been instapintwitterfacing™ this week about Christmas wish listsI’m one of those Grinchy people who get melancholy around the holidays. But, in the spirit of being a little less of a wet blanket than usual…I think I’ll play along.

So what do I want for Christmas

1. Train case or Studio case.

Pink Plaid Traincase

Pink Plaid Traincase from Yazmo.com

I need something small, tough and with a shoulder strap. Wheels are nice but I’m always afraid of getting dirt on a client’s floors.  I can work right out of these types of boxes with no packing or unpacking.

2.  The entire Embryolisse Skin Care Range.


French skin care brand Embryolisse

Every product I try I like more than the one before. I’d love to have it all. My clients would have skin like naked babies !!

4. A bunch more Z Palettes

Photo by Kandee Johnson kandeej.com

Photo by Kandee Johnson kandeej.com

I like the small ones for inside my kit and the larger one for storage in the studio.

5. Tuition to Evolution

The powder group evolution

The Powder Group hosts Evolution

Evolution is a working retreat for makeup artists sponsored by The Powder Group. You live with other artists and the educators for a week and learn about yourself, your craft and your process.

6. New Portfolio

Portfolio from http://portfoliodesignstudio.com/

Portfolio from http://portfoliodesignstudio.com/

The one I have is fine. It’s not embossed or foil stamped. I’d like to have one that is more on brand with my logo foil stamped on it.

7. Clear Acrylic Makeup Storage

I loved these already but when I saw Wayne Goss’ packed full of high end product I was struck dumb.

8. Premium Brushes.

Rae Morris Brushes

Rae Morris Brushes..the FULL set

I love my Coastal Scents  brushes , but it’s time to start adding investment quality brushes into the mix. Hakuhodo, Rae Morris, Tom Ford, Suuqu all have brushes that I’d like to pick up.

Ok… so there’s my list. The things I’d want for Christmas if Santa was in the business of giving gifts to bitter old broads that hate Christmas ;)

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