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Who Owns What in the Beauty Industry

Confused about makeup brands


After the L’Oréal buyout of Urban Decay a couple of months ago, I was surprised by some of the comments going around on the blogs and forums.

Two concerns kept coming up.


People were concerned about whether Urban Decay would remain cruelty free.

The second concern was that ownership by “a drugstore brand” would lower the quality of Urban Decay products.

I explained to several people that although they may be most familiar with the L’Oréal brand from their local drugstore,

L’Oréal is much more than that.  Makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts were surprised to learn that L’Oréal owned high-end brands like YSL and Armani.

Folks I spoke with were also surprised to learn that Urban Decay owned Hard Candy. I realized it really is confusing to keep up with all the connections.


So,  I did a little digging and compiled this chart of which brands are owned by other brands. I hope readers find it interesting.

Here’s the PDF : Who owns what in the beauty industry.


  1. A says:

    The link to your pdf is broken

  2. lisa johnson says:

    great information – thank you so much for this! Lj

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